A time of reckoning

PN has credentials to re-establish Malta’s international reputation The FIAU report on Pilatus Bank reads “… the Committee could not in any way ignore the Bank’s direct or indirect exposure to a series of connections with figures from the Caucasus region considered to present extreme risks of money laundering”. It then concludes that “The Bank’s […]

Let us move forward

In its analysis of the conclusions of the inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the Times of Malta editorial of August 3 (‘Another knock to reputation’) makes a clear, concise and hard-hitting comment: “The gap between political rhetoric and reality poses the biggest threat to the restoration of Malta’s reputation.” Nothing is truer than this […]

Silence is golden but…

Malta’s greylisting ultimately prejudices the livelihood of all of us Finance Minister Clyde Carauana, speaking about the FATF vote branding Malta as the first European Union member state to be greylisted, was quoted as saying that this is a “sensitive subject” and “the less one comments about it the better”. This is very much in […]

Our national reputation

Refuting what led to Malta’s greylisting is digging heads in the proverbial sand FATF has voted, making Malta effectively the first European Union member state to be greylisted. The questions which naturally emerge at this point are two: how did we get here and how do we move on? What got us here is not […]

Driving change together

The reputation of a country lost or badly shaken can take generations to rebuild A country’s reputation is built very much like that of an individual. It starts to take shape early in life, when essential traits of character slowly emerge and gradually develop and is strengthened over the years with life choices and attitudes […]

Birth of ‘second republic’

That which was already clear to some of us back then has now become patently evident to many. Many have now – gradually at first and at quickened step later – come to acknowledge the extent of the heartless, shocking web of uncontrolled, unhampered and practically limitless corruption and abuse of power stemming from the […]